Monthly Archives: September 2015

Week 1 The Master Key Mastermind begins

This is week one of the Master Key Mastermind Alliance. I think it is going to be quite the ride!

I have so many emotions as I begin to experience this mastermind that range from excitement to fear. I am excited because this program promises to help me through a process to the path of self-discovery. At the end of the course I should theoretically, be a changed woman, all for the best of course.

Then negative Nellie comes into my mind. What if I fail? What if I don’t have what it takes to make these changes? Do I really want to make the changes suggested? Apparently I will be held accountable to make the changes I say I am going to make. That scares me. I always keep promises I make to others, although not always that good at keeping promises to myself. This will mean I have to do what I say I am going to do.

I will also have to give up an old friend of mine called Procrastination. We are very close friends and I often let her call the shots and make the decisions on what I am going to do and not do. It will be very difficult to give up this friend because she makes things so easy for me. Often times, however, when I let her take over I end up feeling guilty that I let her have her way. I won’t miss the guilt.

The first challenge I have to cope with is my bedtime ritual. For decades, my husband and I have watched the news on TV when we go to bed and fall asleep to the sounds of The National. I have been advised that I have some reading to do before bed, which will take about an hour. After completing the reading I am not to engage in any digital devices – computer, smartphone or TV. Solution: I go to bed and read with my ear plugs in and then go to sleep with my sleep mask on. I, therefore, do not see the TV nor hear the TV,

The good news is that I will have a tremendous amount of support from the MKMMA team. We will have weekly webinars and I will have a personal guide to help me through the 6 month long process. All I have to do is follow the instructions.