Master Key Experience Week 13 Aha!

file4261249750861I had an interesting experience this week.  I had to go for a procedure that was going to take 45 minutes  The technician and I chatted and she shared some of her thoughts with me.  I didn’t agree with everything she was saying but I stayed the “silent observer” gave no opinions, just listened and asked questions.  Sometime in the conversation she shared that she had experienced a lot of losses in the past few years. I told her she was “whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.” She said that brought a tear to her eye because no one had said anything nice to her for some time.

When the procedure was over she gave me a big hug. This experience made me feel awesome.  Haanel says we have to give before we can receive and it doesn’t mean we have to give big things.

I had hoped that what I was going to learn in the Master Keys Mastermind Alliance was going to help me build my business, but what I am learning is so much more than that.  I am learning how to be a better person and how to give to others, even if it is a gift of a compliment.

One of the latest tasks we have been assigned was to write out 30 things we have accomplished on index cards.  The following week we were asked to write out another 30 things.  I got some help on this one from friends and family.  To these cards we added one sentence to an index card about  some of our goals.  Every day we add three cards indicating what we are grateful for.  We then divide the cards into 2 piles, shuffle them and read them out loud throughout the day, with enthusiasm.  I find it amazing to read my cards some of them with accomplishments, some with my goals and some with things I am grateful for.

I can see what we are doing with this exercise.  The subconscious mind won’t know the file0001476644939difference between what has been accomplished and what is yet to come.  Also, indicating what we are grateful for will attract to us more things to be grateful for.

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