Master Key Experience Week 16 Kindness

Benjamin Franklin followed a custom to establish new virtues and based on his methods.    We are then to observe in others, and in ourselves, when we see these virtues displayed and indicate how many times we have observed the chosen virtue.  The virtue for this week is Kindness.

What a wonderful world we would live in if we all showed a little more kindness to others.  It doesn’t have to cost anything, it can be a word, a gesture, shoveling snow for someone, holding a door open for someone.  It can be the little things in life that really make our day.


I see so many people in business, who feel their product and company is the best and none others can match them.  They often spend their time on social media trying to sell others, but what if everyone helped everyone else out.  What if the person selling plastic containers knew someone who wanted the spices someone else was selling and they started working together?  Or, what if these people started sharing what they know about skills necessary for all businesses?  That would certainly be a gift of kindness in my books.

The one thing I love about the Master Key Experience is that we are all in this together.  We are here to help everyone else out.  We don’t talk about our companies, in fact, it is against the rules to try and recruit other members.  Mark J will be handing out over 400 hugs in Hawaii this Saturday if we get 5000 comments about the kindness we have practiced or observed.  Last time I looked the number was 4927.  Someone is going to be giving out a lot of hugs this weekend.

I have found some amazing examples of kindness this week that I might not have noticed if I wasn’t looking for them.  One example is of a woman in Calgary, Alberta, who started a campaign to give love letters to strangers.  This practice has been adopted by others in more than 100 countries.  I also am adopting this practice and intend to randomly hand-out hand written cards to strangers with words of encouragement.  You can see more about this amazing practice at the following website:

Another example of kindness is of a homeless man helping a homeless teenager, or at least he thought the 14 year old was homeless.  Check out this story:

Homeless Inuk man’s selfless act caught on camera in Montreal

Let’s all try to be a little kinder to everyone we meet.

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