Master Key Experience Week 17 Getting the Message

I think I am finally getting it, and I am getting it from more than one source.

Give more get more.  I have decided to ramp up my kindness project.  My goal is to give out 1000 love letters during the next year.  Don’t ask me how I came up with these numbers, but I decided that in order to make up for times I wasn’t able to give out as many as I like, I would concentrate on giving out 21 cards a week, an average of  3 a day. I sat down and wrote out messages I found from the love letters website, and I found some awesome quotes from authors such as Og Mandino, Wayne Dyer and even Dr. Seuss.  As I went about my day Wednesday, I handed out 20 letters.  The responses made me feel so good.  It was an awesome experience for me.

I only saw one person read their letter and it was when I was on a cardiac ward of a hospital.  A woman, who hugsappeared to have a lot on her plate dealing with some medical issues with her husband, was waiting for him outside the bathroom.  I gave her the letter and said “I think this is for you because it has your name on it.” It was addressed to: YOU, as were all the letters.  I glanced over and saw she was reading it and then she came over to me with a tear in her eye, holding out her arms to give me a hug and said, “Thank you.”  I love hugs!

I recently watched a segment of Dr. Oz was on TV and he had a guest Iyanla Vanzant.  She had some interesting things to say about the subconscious mind and the universe.  She said we spend too much time worrying about things we can’t control.  She said your creator or the universe is responsible for what goes on in our world and in the lives of the people we love and care for.   She said we should be spending our time looking forward to our vision, and if we do that we IMG_6806will be much happier and we will attract more good to ourselves.  Of course The Law of the Subconscious Mind says that “What we think about grow” so there is pretty good chance that we will get what we think about.  It was a reminder for me to concentrate on my own goals and vision and what I need to do to make my goals my reality.  There should be no plan B or C, only our vision for things to come.


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4 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 17 Getting the Message

  1. Patti Smith

    Eleanor, This is so awesome. What a great idea, sharing kindness through love letters with all every day. You will meet your goal of 1000 by end of the year. I look forward to celebrating with you as you gift your 1000TH kindness love letter and brighten someones day at the end of 2016.


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