Master Key Experience Week 18 We Can Learn From Our Pets

IMG_0926It was a sad day yesterday because we had to say goodbye to a furry member of our family, Scooter the Chihuahua plus. Sixteen years ago my daughter was asked if she could look after him for half an hour.  That day turned into approximately 16 years.  He brought us joy and love for the time he was with us.



I know you are asking yourself what this has to do with the Master Key Experience.

“Why have I been allowed to live this extra day when others, far better than I have departed.  Is it that they have accomplished their purpose while mine is yet to be achieved? ” Og Mandino

I think of all the things this little dog accomplished in his lifetime.  He gave unconditional love to 2 adults and 6 children, who lived in the house.  He had a special bond with another little girl, The Princess, who joined the family and had all sorts of health issues including a couple of open heart surgeries.  He was her Scooter Boy. Scooter slept with her almost every night and he was very protective of her.  He would even try to bite anyone who might try to kiss her good night. She would always bring him with her when she had a sleep over with us.

He was also my daughter’s kayak partner.






I think of the virtues we as humans are trying to recognize and improve and I see some of these virtues that this little dog possessed:

Persistence:  We have all heard the story about the dog with a bone, well, he was no different.  Although some of his persistence was not always virtuous, like when he frequently tried to hump the cat.

Enthusiasm:  Nothing can replace the enthusiasm of this dog so happy to see you, running around with the tail wagging so hard you think it is going to fall off and of course barking, cause that is what little dogs do.

Courage:  There was no such thing as another dog or human that was too big for him to go after if he thought he had to protect his family.  Most of the time it was barking and the snapping of teeth and no real harm was done.

Specialized knowledge:  Unconditional, unlimited love and loyalty to all he considered his family.

I think it is safe to say that Scooter accomplished his purpose in this life.  I ask myself what do I have to do to accomplish my purpose?  During this MKE we are working on 13 human virtues to recognize, relate, assimilate and apply.  It is a work in progress and I hope I am able to apply IMG_0559these virtues to my life and become a better person as Scooter was able to do with just a few of the virtues.



RIP Scooter.  Enjoy life on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.



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2 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 18 We Can Learn From Our Pets

  1. Barbara Westfall

    What a beautiful account of how our pets totally demonstrate the most honoured traits daily and with total enthusiasm. And we think we are evolved…..hmmmmm I have to wonder if the pets and bees are more evolved than us as they respond such from the heart all the time. Thanks for sharing your joys with Scooter with us. I am sure he is on the other side helping this side and waiting till you all unite together again. Blessings.

  2. Peder

    Scooter has scooted to the other better side! He will be awaiting your precense! They are so joyful to have around! Thanks for sharing your special family member surfer scooter!


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