Master Key Experience Week 22 Mind Over Body

Haanal says in 22.10 “Thought has control over the muscles of your body.”

When I was pregnant with my first child, a friend informed me that childbirth was the most painful experience anyone could possible go through.  Of course I believed her because she had gone through it not long before.  She went into gory detail about how terrible painful it would be.

When I went into labour I recalled everything she said about the pain, so with each contraction, I made myself relax my body because I knew it was going to get much worse.  The funny thing about being relaxed is that you don’t feel the pain as much.  Needless to say that delivery wasn’t that bad.

When I was pregnant the second time, I was seeing a doctor who practised teaching his patients the art of self-hypnosis.  He taught me to use my mind to control my breathing and to relax all my muscles.  Second delivery was pain free!

These are just 2 of my personal experiences about mind over body.  We underestimate the power of the mind.  In MKMMA we are learning how to use our minds to improve our lives in many ways.

Haanal 22.17 Brain cells are constructed in the same way.  The quality of the brain is governed by the state of mind, or mental attitude, so that if undesirable mental attitudes are conveyed to the subjective they will in turn be transferred to the body; we can therefore readily see that if we wish the body to manifest health strength and vitality this must be the predominant thought.

In 2009, driving home with my daughter, I had a stroke.  She got me to the emergency room within 15 minutes of the first symptoms.   My symptoms were blurry vision, couldn’t walk in a straight line, couldn’t play “patty cakes.”  The specialist on call informed me and my family that I had had a stroke and that the next 24 hours would be critical. (I found out later that he was concerned that I would not make it through the night.)   I told him that I would have to concentrate all my energy on positive thoughts so that I would be ok.  Apparently the doctor thought I wasn’t taking this seriously.

I did take it seriously and I was extremely frightened.  A friend of mine had had a stroke and he was no longer able to read or to communicate.  His life as he had known it was over. That was not a life I had imagined for myself.  I flooded my brain with all the positive thoughts and energy that I could muster.  The short story is that I am here and I call myself Techno Granny, which tells me there must be some brain cells working. I don’t really know if the positive thoughts got me through everything, but I don’t know that it didn’t.

Haanal 22.27 “There can be no doubt that few patients are aware how much they can do for themselves.  What the patient can do for himself, the forces he can set in motion are as yet unknown.  We are inclined to believe that they are far greater than most imagine, and will undoubtedly be used more and more.  Mental therapeutics may be directed by the patient himself to calming the mind in excitement, by arousing feelings of joy hope, faith, and love; by suggesting motives for exertion, by regular mental work, by diverting the thoughts from the malady.”

The experience of MKMMA is teaching me so much more about what the mind can control. There are no limits to what the mind can do!

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  1. Sheila Epstein

    Your personal stories are deeply felt, and I appreciate your strength and honesty. You continue to amaze me.


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