Master Key Experience Week 23 Failure

I failed!

I don’t know what happened to me this week.  I didn’t do my scheduled readings every day, I didn’t do my sit every day and I didn’t write and post my blog on time.  The course is almost finished, why would I do this at this point of the course.  Perhaps Mark is right; it is the fear of MKMMA ending soon.

My choices are quite simple.  Just quit and go back to the old way of life and the old blueprint, or accept the fact that I just didn’t do it, no blaming anyone or anything (not even myself), take responsibility and move on.

I have decided I have worked too long on myself to quit now.  I have seen tremendous changes in my health, my attitude in general and my attitude towards my business.  My family, my doctors and my mentor have also seen a positive difference in me. I had more personal activity in my business in the past week than I had in the last year.  Why would I possibly quit now?  I guess that really is a rhetorical question.

It would be easy to just give up go back to the old ways and the old me, but what would I accomplish if I did that?  What about my goals and dreams?  Should I just give up on them as well?  Should I just give up on my business and live as I have?

I have decided that I am going to finish strong and continue with all the practices that continue to help me grow both within and without.  As they say, if it was easy anyone could do it.

How often do people fail at things and just give up? It could be a diet, exercise, making sales calls, an addiction; people do fall off the wagon and it is what happens afterwards that is important.  What do you have to do to overcome the thing you have failed at?

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