Week 10 Masterkey Experience I will persist until I succeed


FullSizeRenderI once again have been given a sign to believe.  This time the sign was in a restaurant I was having lunch at with my best friend.  I think the sign was there to remind me that I should control my thinking, get rid of negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts. After lunch my friend and I went to a little shop and she showed this little bag of clothes pins and there it was again.

I have been having problems with the mid-day reading that I am supposed to do.  I am a bit of a perfectionist when given assignments and beat myself up with all the negative thoughts about why this was wrong, bad, and unacceptable.

I was reminded today of another assignment I was given many years ago. I was Director of Alumni Relations and we were in another city where our basketball team was competing for the National title against the other Canadian Universities.  On the Friday evening after winning the semi-finals the President of the University came up to me and said, “Eleanor, win, lose or draw I think we should put on a dinner for our team and Alumni tomorrow evening.  Please arrange the dinner complete with a bar and make sure we have 100 people there.”

He was my boss so I said I would get it done. In 24 hours!  Let’s just say there were a lot of obstacles including the fact that the catering department was closed for the weekend.

After the game, which we won, we went back to the hotel and conference room where the dinner was going to be served.  People were taking advantage of the open bar and were milling about the room. When It was announced that dinner was being served 97 people sat down to eat.  A few minutes later 3 more showed up making it a total of 100 people.

Og Mandino says, “Each misfortune I encounter will carry in it the seed of tomorrow’s good luck.  I must have the night to appreciate the day.  I must fail often to succeed only once.”

I have succeed in the past and I I hope to get all my current assignments completed, but I will no longer dwell on the negative thoughts if I don’t succeed.  I will do my best and will work towards a better day tomorrow.

I will persist until I succeed

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25 thoughts on “Week 10 Masterkey Experience I will persist until I succeed

  1. Kendra

    Eleanor you are so awesome! The Techno Granny, I see you all the time in the alliances and I will persist along side you and we will all SUCEED!!!

  2. MasterKeyNatalieZ

    Thank You! You have a bag of pixie dust somewhere or I guess instead of flying you have amazing dinner party dust – what an impressive application of applied knowledge on two fronts – I bow in awe of you getting a dinner party with bar together in 24 hours – wow! and you can draw back and apply that successful experience to your journey now – Awesome!! 🙂
    MasterKeyNatalieZ recently posted…Week 10 – Master Key 2015 – Humble PersistenceMy Profile

  3. Leigh

    Perfect timing for me to read this. Thanks for sharing it on Twitter. I was just thinking how much I have slacked off the last 3 weeks with life happenings so this was encouraging for me to refocus my thoughts on positive!

  4. Lallah Rowe

    Thanks for this. Yes, there are reminders around us constantly and they can be and are magic. If you fall into beating yourself up again, just treat this like another negative thought. That is what I do. I start to criticize myself and the second that I notice this I look for a red circle and think any thought that is positive. The you of the past is in the past. The you of today is the one who will encourage and support the you of the future. Hope this is useful to you.
    Lallah Rowe recently posted…MKMMA Week 10My Profile

  5. Cyndy james

    Hi Eleanor…Love the clothes pins….I will have to make some of my own. I also struggled so much with the mid-day reading because many days I did not take a lunch at work. And being an over-achiever would beat myself up. Now I force myself to take a lunch because it is part of taking care of myself each day and so I get the reading in. Keep up the AWESOME work Eleanor!!!!

    Posted by CyndyJames –

  6. Mani

    Thank you for sharing… your post helped me. I was struggling last week and feeling bad… I’m back on track again this week. Each day is a new day and as long as we do our best each day… that’s all we can do. We don’t need to beat ourselves up. Best wishes 🙂

  7. master-key-jay-z

    Where were you when I needed organizing skills of that caliber! Awesome post. I think, much like Mark said above that not beating yourself up for missing an “assignment” is an incredible step that all of us can learn from to our profit. Thank You.
    master-key-jay-z recently posted…Week 10My Profile

  8. Deb

    Eleanor…Thank you! I have felt the same way…Beat myself up for not doing things perfectly. Recognizing is so Key…Thanks for the share!

  9. Robert Rea

    Eleanor, how delightful your life is and that you are moving and changing and thinking. I am sure we are all falling a little short of being perfect. You are in this to win, I could hear that in your voice today on the webby. I think you are doing GREAT and proud to be in this journey with you.


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