Week 8 Masterkey Experience My Two Friends

I have 2 friends, I will just call them Nellie and Penny.  They are very different.  If you ask Penny “How are you today?” she will answer with a smile, saying, “Great!  And you?” If you ask Nellie the same question, you will get “Could be better.”

Penny sees the positive in everything around her, the weather, her life, her children, her husband, her friends.  Nellie on the other hand, is full of complaints.  It is too hot or too cold, her husband is home too much or he is never home.  Penny is grateful for everything in her life, Nellie can’t think of anything to be grateful for. Penny tells me I am smart and that I always do my best.  Nellie tells me I never do anything right and that I shouldn’t even try.  Penny tells me I can be whatever I want to be; Nellie tells me I can’t succeed at anything and I shouldn’t even try.

Penny and Nellie don’t get along very well.  Whatever Penny says, Nellie finds fault with it.  Penny tries to get Nellie to focus on the more positive things in life and sometimes she succeeds, sometimes Nellie brings Penny down to her level.

0022I really don’t like Nellie very much and I think it is time to kick her to the curb.  I much prefer to have Penny around, and I know everyone else in my life feels the same way. The problem with my two friends is that they both live in my mind.  I know that according to the Seven Laws of the Mind, “We cannot think about 2 things at the same time.” I am concentrating on keeping Positive Penny alive and well in my mind and I am ignoring Negative Nellie and replacing her with Penny.  It might not seem like an easy thing to accomplish but I am sure with the help of Penny, I will get it done.

happy-flowers (1)I have given up TV and computer games for a week. I have also severely limited my Facebook time.  This has not been as difficult as I had thought.  The end result is that I have more time to spend on the things I really want to do and always thought I didn’t have time for. Positive Penny has helped me stay on track.


Og Mandino says “

“I can be what I will to be.”

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4 thoughts on “Week 8 Masterkey Experience My Two Friends

  1. Shirley Hodgins

    Thanks for sharing. I’ve been battling with my own Nellie a lot this week…helpful to know I’m not the only one!

  2. Dennis

    Hi there young lady! Great to see you blogging instead of playing angry birds or other nutty stuff on FB. Of course that’s an opinion. lol. I notice you don’t have a gravatar photo showing when you post on other blogs… if you want some help to get it set up – send me a note and we can connect. I’m on Vancouver Island but still know how to do a few geeky things. Cheers!
    Dennis recently posted…Master Key Week 8 – 7 Powerful Ways to use Your Imagination to Skyrocket ResultsMy Profile

  3. Sheila Epstein

    Eleanor, I love reading your blogs. They are so honest and heartfelt. I am glad that Penny is getting all the love and attention she needs. Whatever we feed, grows. Awesome.


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